Cedar + Stone Candles – About My Handcrafted Candle Business Endeavor

I have VERY recently started planning for selling some of my homemade candles. I have been making them for a few months now and I have found such a peace, enjoyment and a happy hobby in the craft. What’s better than having a hobby that you can also share with others? I am extremely excited to be taking the steps in opening my online store. I plan to have many unique candles to pick from and put some creative love into each one to make it special. 

We each have different hobbies or interests that help our individual personalities shine: photography, painting, sports, writing, and many more! Each one feeds into our own being. Candlemaking is something I can definitely say I’ve found a passion in. (Along with photography, drawing, gardening and lately – writing!) Branden and I had both talked about running an online store and have been learning an abundance of information about it. Talk about a rabbit hole! But a very fascinating one at that; there is so much to know in regards to blogging, online sales, marketing, etc. So aside from candlemaking and forming my website, I’ve been learning a multitude of information! If any of you have an interest in blogging, I have some recommendations for you to check out if you reach out! I have a big career focus right now, which I’ve mentioned before and will hopefully be making the transition from the banking industry into my new career very soon; however I’ve found that I can do things such as candlemaking to help keep me motivated and on the positive side of life. 👍🏻😊 

Anyways, I wanted to name this business something that pertains to home of course! Bam, Cedar + Stone Candles popped into my head after weeks of playing with words and ideas. In our home, we have been adding cedar accents and we absolutely love the fresh, natural scent. The stone half of the name comes from us looking for stones around our home as well as around Minnesota (specifically our second favorite spot, the North Shore). I also want to add that I make each of these candles right in our home kitchen. The boys are learning a thing or two as well! Bishop and I plan to make some for some family Christmas gifts this year and have some more bonding time. 🙂 

As for my product, the quality of my candles, I will never compromise. And I plan to only use materials made in the USA as well as buying 100% natural or organic products. All of my candles so far follow true to that. I find that quality definitely is far too important and makes all the difference; I myself will spend more on homemade vs store bought because of the quality, craft and time put into each item. I am truly excited about this endeavor because…well, I love it! The whole creative art of it as well as teaching our kiddos about it. Each and every one of these candles has so much thought out into it, I want people to know that when they buy and receive their purchase in the mail. 

I plan to have a special running at first to gain some feedback and hopefully some new repeat customers! I’ll be announcing the website on social media and people will be able to easily purchase online with any major credit/debit card, PayPal, BitPay(BitCoin). So for those of you who wish to purchase, or just want to check out the site, keep an eye open! 😊 It’s far more than just making candles, it’s a real, honest passion.

Thank you to all who have already shown interest and support to me for this, it is not unnoticed and is greatly appreciated! You guys are the best!

Thanks for checking in!



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