It’s More Than Carving Pumpkins

It started out with myself, Branden and the three boys going to St. Mathias Farm to pick out pumpkins last week. Finally some family time for the whole family! Branden and I were both stoked because it’s very rare we can find something that all of the boys can do with us. We loaded everyone up in the truck and shipped out. While our intention was to simply go pick out pumpkins as a family, we ended up in a corn maze, drinking some hot cider, enjoying a peaceful sunset, having fun and picked out the perfect pumpkins. Here is a picture of the boys going down one of the slides in the corn maze, and yes, Branden and myself both went down it too. 😉👍🏻  

 By the time we had gotten home it was time for Todd to head to bed since he has been getting over a cold AND was cranky towards the end of the evening. Nevertheless it was fun to see all of the boys with their smiles and laughter while sharing some ourselves.  Times like that I hold close to my heart and will always look back on. 

Then, the other night we picked out our individual concepts and carved our pumpkins. Now, as a kid, I can only remember carving a pumpkin maybe once, that’s it. My family didn’t really do much for Halloween growing up, a few costumes and trick or treating trips here and there but we eventually didn’t do anything for Halloween at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it was a missed opportunity to have some fun as a family. Branden, Bishop and myself sat outside on our back porch with our pumpkins and started drawing our concepts on. I had decided on an owl (possibly predictable for some of you who know how much I LOVE owls), Bishop decided on a dragon, and Branden was going to do a “cannibal pumpkin”. (Lol!) I may have been a tad over excited because this was the FIRST PUMPKIN I had carved for as long as I can remember; I’m almost positive I annoyed the hell out of the guys with all my excitement. We drew, talked, laughed and carved. It probably took us a few hours outside to get a majority of our carving done, but it was a few hours that passed by so easily. No phones, no television, no interruptions aside from Orion 😉. It was complete quality time with two of my favorite people in the world! Growing up, I always heard the term “home is where the heart is”. I grew up feeling that way especially around my home and my grandparents home during Thanksgiving and Christmas. After having kids, you wonder how you can still create that feeling for yourself AND your family. Last year for Christmas I got to decorate in my new happy home with Branden, Todd and Bishop. Aside from the decorating, we picked out a real Christmas tree too. We all noticed how cozy and warm it felt just to be relaxing at home. It is home. Not necessarily because anything we decorated with was extravagant or even because we were physically at home. It was because we, as a family, did things as a family. We have love, value, and respect. We bonded as one family, and we continue to bond and grow a little bit more each day. We picked out our tree, decorations and made memories together. And this year, we are celebrating Halloween as a family of five. Some of our most important thoughts, ideas, and conversations come from working on projects or hobbies that keep our minds running, I think we can all agree on that at some point in our lives. And I can say I had such an incredible memory “carved” into my mind by carving a pumpkin with my family; sharing in the quality time and mutual calm energy. It’s more than just carving a pumpkin, it’s a gift, it’s home, it’s the heart, a memory, and it’s a reminder of the importance of being a family. 


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