A Common Addiction 

Now, I may come off as a hypocrite since I am using my iPhone to write this, however I believe a majority of us may either be aware or perhaps not that we are addicted to our cell phones. And not only that, we are stealing moments from our own lives and literally throwing them away. To test this theory, I pose two questions for you to think about, and don’t worry, I myself am guilty of having my phone on too often, so if you are like me, you aren’t the only one. 

1) Could you do away with your social media for an entire week? Month? Year? Yes, you still need to be reached in case of an emergency, but could you disconnect yourself from Facebook, Instagram, all other apps and feel good about it? If your honest answer is no, then try to think about the reasons WHY you feel the need to stay constantly connected, and be honest with yourself; are the reasons healthy or unhealthy? 

2) Not to sound negative here, but one day, we all come to the end of our journey. That’s the truth, no one lives forever, and that is what makes life so beautiful and sacred. Each moment should matter because they are all limited and tomorrow is never a guarantee. So to pose my second question: if you keep your current habits throughout the rest of your life, what are the things you may wish you had done differently when that time comes when you reach the end of your journey? For me the answer would be I wish I would’ve spent even more moments chronicling my experiences, moments, children growing and learning without my phone for distraction. Among other things I wish I would read more books instead of watching television. Not saying these things are bad in moderation, but if I’m thinking about my current habits replayed years forward, I see so much precious time wasted. Here is my written dedication going forward that I am holding myself accountable to changing these habits now.

The technological world has evolved so much to make things incredibly easy for us to talk to each other without ever meeting up for coffee or actually seeing each other, to never leave the comfort of our home to go to the store, to make ourselves appear differently in a photo, to see what turmoil is happening in the world without needing to purchase a newspaper, etc. These things have caused us to become addicted to a life of only living part of it, being blind to what is actually happening vs what the left wing or right wing news pay to have shown online and cause biase and unnecessary uprising, and being unable to detach from our phones and enjoy a full conversation with another person. Many people don’t know this, but interactions with other people face to face is proven to prolong our life but also improve the quality of life. If you haven’t watched this before, I highly recommend it : 


I pose a challenge to you, can you adjust how you use your phones/apps to add more moments to be productive, helpful, peaceful, whatever your reason may be? 

I find that within the first 5 minutes of being on Facebook, I see about 10 different pessimistic news stories, status posts or articles used to attract negative attention. I ask myself how those things make me feel, and little by little each of those negative things takes my energy. Imagine how much more energy I could have without that shit! It accumulates and I can put it to better use. Again, I’m using myself as an example. But think about your own perspective and how you feel about it. This is not meant to jab anyone, like I said, I’m being honest with myself and I’m guilty of being a phone addict too from time to time (it’s so easy to be sucked in sometimes!) So in posting this I’m looking to pose a potential new outlook or perspective. Reread the two questions above and watch the video from Ted Talks, it’s worth the time, and join in a personal challenge to yourself if you find it applicable! 

In a more personal challenge to myself, I want to go a whole week without any social media just to see what changes I feel mentally, emotionally and physically. If you want to join me, feel free!


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