5 Things I Learned On My Most Recent Roadtrip

Beginning of this week, Branden’s mom Charlotte, myself and Orion embarked on a roadtrip to Wisconsin for a few days. While driving and exploring, you see, hear, and learn of many new things. Here are 5 things I learned from my roadtrip:

1: I want to create a more concrete bucket list.  I have always had places in mind I’d love to go or experiences I wish to have in life, but I’ve never written them down on a legitimate “bucket list”. Going on this trip got me thinking that there are millions of places to go, but I need to define my destinations first. Where do I absolutely want to go and see before my time is up? Without a doubt Europe is on the list, I have an immense amount of genealogy that traces back to Europe and would love to embark on exploring it, Norway, Sweden, Germany, etc. One experience that is a must would be skydiving, which I have to give some credit here to Branden since he has gone many times and has piqued my interest; I plan to in the spring down in Florida, if I plan ahead, and this would be rad to cross off the list. Now to write more down! 

2: The people of Wisconsin are called Wisconsinites. Maybe some of you already knew that, but I sure as hell didn’t. I’ve been calling them something different my whole life, call me mind blown…

3: The drive from St. Paul on 494 is INCREDIBLE! If you like seeing flowing rivers and creeks, rustic roads, vast rolling farm hills and farms consisting of alpacas, cows, and horses, then this route is for you. I found the drive stunning; something beautiful to look at around every turn. The leaves were starting to change too, dark reds and oranges appearing. The 3 1/2 hour drive felt like a short trip thanks to the scenery and my copilot Charlotte! I only hit the rumble strips once due to looking too long at the views from the road. 

4: Orion can roadtrip. Yes, babies sleep a lot…but Orion was a trooper on the road! He required minimal pit stops and barely made a peep the whole car ride. Talk about a proud momma moment. One of the best things we can do as parents is get our kids used to traveling to make it easier when trips do happen. I think he did better than I did (thank you GMC for making the hardest seats known to man in my 2009 Acadia). I must say I foresee many successful road trips in the future for our family of 5!

5: I genuinely appreciate where I live. I know this is more of a reminder to live where you love and love where you live than a lesson learned, but there’s something so comforting about returning home after being away from it. As much as I enjoy traveling, no matter the distance and discovering new places, I equally love coming back to home and my family. We live in the country on 15 acres and it is incredibly peaceful and quiet (except for the 3 boys 😉 ) and I can’t express my admiration and appreciation I have for this place and being able to call it “home”. To walk through the doors, unpack, sit down on the couch, exhale and have an overwhelming sense of relaxation sweep over your mind and body, that is a superb feeling. 

A huge thank you to Charlotte for organizing the trip and inviting me to go along! It was a blast to share new experiences and get to know a phenomenal woman as well. Quality time well spent on the road and in the land of cows and cranberries! These are just five take-a-ways I had from our trip; finding lessons or reminders is the reason we do travel. To learn about new places, things, people, even ourselves, that is the journey. 

I’m curious what trip(s) have impacted your life the most and in what way(s)?! 


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